About Us

ChairsX is a team of professionals (chair lovers, gamers, health enthusiasts) who will guide you about the best chairs, so you don’t have to spend your valuable time doing product research.

We’re a group of nerds who love chairs too much and spends more than half of the day on them. We thoroughly read, research, and test for hundred of hours for the best chairs in each category mentioned that seems related. We present it to you in our buying guides with reviews and comparison tables for a smooth and quick decision-making process.

We do our testing of different chairs while, on the other hand, focus on what other buyers are speaking as well. Usually, this process takes us a hundred hours just to do proper research.

We avoid entirely what other fake websites are doing. A lot of times, while researching, we find high-rated chairs that are just average. We are self-made.

Some of you might like thickly padded chairs, additional lumbar support, but some other users might like flex front seat edge or great mechanism.

There is no reputed brand website or company on the back of us to inform us what we should do and which chairs to promote. We’re a small team who does all the hard work and hustle ourselves and don’t want to be influenced by the enterprise world.

At the same time, to be very straight, we are a little slower and less showy than several different sites.

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