Best Office Chairs For Back Support In 2021 [Top-Notch Quality]

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Best Office Chairs For Back Support Review

If you are hunting for the best office chairs for back support in 2021 you’ve landed on the right page.

Office chairs can cause back pain or worsen your existing back pain since you need to sit on it for extended periods of time, that too at a cheap quality uncomfortable chair.

Seating is a static posture that leads to a build-up of stress on shoulders, back, arms, etc., but more specifically on the back muscles and spinal discs.

This is due to users’ natural tendency to slouch over or down in the chair while sitting for a long time. Such a posture can stretch the ligaments in the spine and stress the discs and their surrounding structures. Over time, this may damage some spinal structures and contribute to chronic back pain.

Good back support is one that supports the spine in its natural alignment. It should help the user keep his head, shoulders, and buttocks in one line and support the inward arch of the lower back too. A chair that offers over and above this is always a plus.

So, if you have already made your mind to buy the best office chair for back support, then you’re at the right place. But, there are various types of chairs with back support available online some are overpriced, some are cheap quality, or some don’t have any back support. If you’re confused about what to look for before buying an office chair, then you must read this guide.

You need to know which of these are really good for your back. That’s where “TheChairsGuide” comes in with more than three years of experience and a hardworking team.

We did thorough research and spent a couple of months testing and reviewing these office chairs. We have shortlisted the top 10 best office chairs for back support in 2021 to make make your buying process smooth.

Top 10 Best Office Chairs For Back Support In 2021 — Reviews

1. Steelcase Gesture Chair

 Steelcase Gesture Chair Review
  • Contoured backrest with 3D LiveBack technology.
  • 360 degree movable and adjustable armrests.
  • Adjustable seat height and depth.
  • Seat cushion with proprietary air pockets.
  • It can easily accommodate users weighing up to 400 lbs.

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This chair has a high backrest contoured to the shape of the spine so that the spine can maintain its natural “S” shape and does not have to bear any stress. What makes this chair more ergonomic is its proprietary LiveBack technology.

Owing to this technology, the backrest can mimic your body’s natural movements and adjust itself to support the spine in the best possible way. Needless to say, an ergonomic design must incorporate systems that can help the user maintain tilt and seat height.

This is why this chair has a synchro-tilt mechanism whereby the seat of the chair automatically rises up as you push the backrest. This helps to achieve a comfortable posture without hurting your back.

Adjustability is integrated into almost every aspect of the chair. You can adjust the armrests to suit your seating posture, position, and size. In fact, the armrests can rotate full 360 degrees as well as adjust parallelly.

So, if you are a big guy and need to displace the armrests to the side, you can do that. If you are sitting in a posture where you need to rotate the armrests, you can do that too.

Moreover, even when you recline, the armrests remain parallel to the workplace. This lets you work comfortably even when you are reclining and relaxing. The seat of the chair is pretty comfortable owing to several factors.

Firstly, there are a number of air pockets in the seat cushion which sustain the comfort factor. Secondly, the seat curves’ front edge downwards and thereby relieves the pressure under the thighs considerably. This is important since such a design helps in blood flow to the lower legs and prevents cramping.

The Steelcase Gesture chairs are known for their incredible quality and durability. They provide 24/7 back support for a user changing the sitting postures from time to time.

The Gesture chair series presents a wide array of designs to add comfort while sitting. The back mesh added with the cushions further allows easy and quick airflow while sitting in the chair comfortably.

The manufacturers assemble not every ergonomic chair before shipping. But this one is completely assembled before shipping them for final delivery to the buyers. That’s why buyers prefer Steelcase Gesture for working from home.

2. SIHOO Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Desk Chair

SIHOO Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Desk Chair Review
  • Free rotating and height-adjustable headrest.
  • The two-way adjustable lumbar pillow.
  • Soft cushion with a mesh cover.
  • 120-degree adjustable backrest and armrest.
  • Can accommodate users weighing up to 331 lbs.

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This chair comes with a host of ergonomic and comfort factors. The backrest is contoured to the shape of the spine so that it can support the spine in its natural alignment.

The backrest also offers bracket support for your shoulders so that you can rest your shoulders on the backrest and relax. The chair offers ample flexibility and adjustability in its headrest and lumbar support.

It has an adjustable lumbar pillow that you can adjust up, down, front, and back. So, it helps you to achieve the best support for your lower back irrespective of your posture. In fact, even the headrest is adjustable.

You can rotate it freely and adjust its height to make it amenable to your posture. You can rotate it by 360 degrees and adjust its height by 10 cm. This helps to achieve the most comfortable place to rest your head and prevent straining your cervical spine.

The backrest is capable of reclining to 125 degrees. So, if you are feeling like taking a quick nap or relaxing for some time, you can do that. You can lock the backrest at any angle between 90 and 125 degrees in order to achieve the best reclining posture.

Also, the back of the chair is reinforced with mesh, which makes seating comfortable for a long time. The seat of the chair is adjustable in height by 3.9 inches. So, you can always find out the best height for you.

Also, it has a large seating area, which helps big guys sit comfortably. In fact, even the armrests of the chair are height adjustable by a whopping 3.9 inches. That gives you ample freedom to adjust the armrests in accordance with your preference.

The product is an amazing buying option for a user looking for the best office chair for under $300. The 360 degree rotating handrails and the silent caster are effective for operating the chair silently.

The 1-year product warranty assists you to claim compensation for finding technical defects in the product. That’s another reason to put Sihoo’s name on the buying list while looking for ideal ergonomic chairs for working.

Another amazing fact about Sihoo is that it provides 3 years of warranty coverage to find the slightest defects in the product.

3. Serta AIR Executive High Back Ergonomic Office Chair

Serta AIR Executive High Back Ergonomic Office Chair Review
  • Lumbar cushion and head pillow.
  • Layered body pillow for optimum support.
  • Padded armrest for comfort and firm support.
  • Height and tilt adjustment.
  • It can easily accommodate big guys.

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This is a high back chair with a layered body pillow, headrest, and lumbar cushion. The chair incorporates AIR technology, which makes it possible for the lumbar pillow to pivot with your movement.

It delivers continuous support to your lumbar region, whether you are lunging forward with your lower back just touching the pillow or resting with your back completely against the backrest.

The backrest of the chair looks like it is composed of layers. In reality, it has a layered body pillow, a lumbar cushion, and a head pillow. All the pillows are made from bonded leather, which makes leaning on them comfortably.

The headrest is elevated and padded and makes it very comfortable for the user to rest his head on it. Moreover, the layers are perforated and mesh covered. So, they can be good for long-duration seating.

You can also tilt the backrest with the help of cable-actuated levers and lock it at any angle at which you feel comfortable. You can raise the seat height just by flicking the lever.

Also, the chair is capable of 360-degree swivel and has dual-wheel casters for smooth movement. So, you can position the chair at any place and assume any posture.

These features make it easy for you to store the chair. You can just tuck it under the table and save space. The armrests of the chair are fixed but are padded for comfort and firm support. The upholstery of the chair is soft and supple, accented with mesh.

Moreover, the seat has got a waterfall design. This means that the seat’s front edge is curved outwards to prevent putting pressure on your thighs and, therefore, obstruct blood flow to the legs.

The contours padded with an extra soft luxurious cushion assist your sitting posture to be a comfortable one. If you need to lean back and take a short nap, the back support is unbelievable. The 46 inches height adjustment feature assures the height adjustment of the chair as per your comfort factor.

That’s not all; the Serta is one of those few ergonomic office chair manufacturing brands that use wooden frame material and thick cushion for comfortable sitting posture. If you’re one of those who spend 24/7 working in a chair on your laptop, then this model is always going to be your first choice.

4. Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair Review
  • LilveBack lumbar support technology.
  • Natural glide system in the seat.
  • Adjustable seat height & armrests.
  • Flexible lumbar support for long hours.
  • The natural glide system is a great addition.

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This a chair with a high backrest bent right at the lumbar portion. This offers the right kind of support to your lumbar curvature, which is often strained due to long hours of seating. However, what makes it even better is its LiveBack technology.

Owing to this technology, the lumbar support offers flexible support. The support offered by the lumbar pillow depends on the pressure you exert on it.

So, if you are digging deeper into the seat, you are offering more pressure on the backrest, and the lumbar support offers more pressure to the lower back. This helps to balance the forces and keep the spine in a stable and normal alignment.

You can tilt the backrest and lock it in any position. This feature is important since the extension of tilt depends on your mood and requirement. Moreover, it has a natural glide system.

So, when you tilt the backrest, the seat automatically moves forward in order to maintain a comfortable posture and position if you lean forward the front edge of the flexes and relieve pressure on the back of the legs.

This is very important since pressure on the back of the legs can prevent blood flow and give rise to a host of problems. Also, if you need to, you can increase or decrease the height of the seat by a pneumatic height adjustment system.

The armrests of the chair are highly adjustable. You can change their position in terms of height, width, and depth. They also pivot with the backrest. So, even if you recline, you can keep your arms on them pretty comfortably. This is very helpful in maintaining the right posture and position.

The weight-activated mechanism in this model adjusts the sitting position. If you’re cautious about your sitting posture, then this chair serves you the best. That’s not all; the model is quite effective in helping you to seek the right model for yourself.

In maximum cases, this has been seen that people looking for a better choice is considered as a wise buying deal. The comfort dial option added in this particular chair eases the entire process of reclining the back tension.

That gives the best support to your back while you’re busy working on your laptop for hours. You can add this particular chair to your personal collection too!

5. Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair Review
  • PostureFit Sacral/Lumbar support.
  • 8Z Pellicle suspension seat is just amazing.
  • Robust alloy steel frame.
  • Tilt tension control feature.
  • It can easily accommodate big and tall guys.

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This is a re-mastered Aeron chair from the house of Herman Miller. The chair incorporates a range of ergonomic features that help you stay seated for a long time without aches and pains.

While the backrest does incorporate the standard bend at the lower back area, it does not stop there. It incorporates an adjustable PostureFit Sacral/Lumbar support where two individual pads flex independently and adjust to your spine’s curve.

The chair also incorporates 8Z pellicle suspension whereby the back and the seat are divided into 8 zones of varying tension. These two features make sure that you never feel stressed and the spine always feels caressed.

They ensure that the spine is supported even if your pelvis has a natural forward tilt, as is common while sitting for a long time. You can recline the backrest of the chair and lock it in three positions.

The tilt tension control feature lets you adjust the tilt angle by adjusting the amount of force needed to recline. You can also adjust the angle of the seat from engaged to neutral depending on your posture and make seating more comfortable.

Even the armrests of the chair are highly adjustable. You can adjust their height and also slide them forward or backward. In fact, they also pivot with the tilt of the backrest to an angle of 17.5 degrees inward and 15 degrees outward.

You can also change the height of the seat from 16 inches to 20.5 inches, which is quite a significant one. Also, the chair is quite robust as it has an alloy steel frame. The seat and the backrest have a mesh cover throughout.

The premium scream quality chair manufactured by Herman Miller comes in multiple designs as well as in shape. That’s one of the reasons for choosing this chair model for your home. While the other chair manufacturing brands don’t pay frequent attention to the chair quality, Herman Miller is definitely not one of those.

After manufacturing each chair model, they put their ergonomic chairs in the BIFMA standard test before finally selling those. That’s another reason for the worldwide popularity of Herman Miller chairs.

While it’s a bit cranky to maintain quality and affordability, Herman Miller always balances these two pivotal factors before selling those for the masses!

6. Serta Ergonomic Executive Adjustable Office Chair

Serta Ergonomic Executive Adjustable Office Chair Review
  • Back In Motion Active Technology.
  • Adjustable mid-back with lumbar support.
  • Push-button adjustable armrests.
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment.
  • Can accommodate users weighing up to 250 lbs.

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This is a high-end chair with a lot of support for your body and comfort features. It boasts of multilayered cushions. These are soft cushions that offer comfortable seating for long hours.

One of the most significant ergonomic aspects of this chair is that it incorporates Back In Motion Active Technology. It thrusts the lumbar portion forward and creates the effects of a pelvic tilt exercise.

Moreover, it tilts the seat forward and promotes spinal movement. This helps to maintain flexibility in your core. Seating in this chair is comfortable as it has plush padding in the seat as well as the backrest.

Since the upholstery is made of good textile material, it offers a comfortable feeling even if you are sitting for a long time. The chair comes with a number of adjustable features.

While you can tilt the chair and assume a reclining posture for a quick and relaxing break, it offers more. It has a set of push-button adjustable armrests. So, you can adjust the armrests and achieve the most comfortable and ergonomic posture.

Also, the chair is capable of 360-degree swivel and has big and smooth-rolling casters. This makes it stable as well as easy to glide across the floor. The 40.9 inches chair is quite reliable for someone who is concerned about their height.

The chair allows you to sit comfortably without thinking of putting your whole weight on the chair. The 19.8 inches backrest width helps you to lean back as much as you can.

Worry not! You won’t fall. You’ll have plenty of scopes to adjust it back to its previous position. The pneumatic lever is provided to perform such activities.

Serta’s reputation for building office chairs are known for their premium quality. The Motion Health and wellness MidBack office chair provides maximum scope for choosing the right model for yourself.

7. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Executive Ergonomic Office Chair

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Executive Ergonomic Office Chair Review
  • 4D adjustable armrest & 3D lumbar support.
  • Adjustable mesh headrest.
  • ElastoMesh cover is marvelous.
  • Can accommodate users weighing up to 275 lbs.
  • 5-point base and a set of dual castors.

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This chair has a perfect backrest for supporting your spine in its normal alignment. It has a unique “S” shaped ElastoMesh frame on which the shoulder, head, neck, and lumbar support are integrated.

The lumbar support has been designed in such a way that it hugs your body in every posture and position. The headrest, too, is made of ElastoMesh and is adjustable in height.

The chair has a pair of 4D adjustable armrests. So, you can push them forward, drag them backward, pull them down, push them up, and also rotate for the best fit.

The backrest of the chair can be tilted. In fact, it reclines by 135 degrees and renders a comfortable recline posture for you. What makes the reclining posture even more comfortable is that the seat can move up and down as you try it move it.

This can give rise to a pretty relaxing and comfortable posture. The seat has a waterfall design, which prevents putting pressure on the back of thighs, thereby giving rise to numbness.

Moreover, the seat can be lifted through a smooth HydraLift feature, which helps you increase the height as and when you need it. It has an iron frame, which makes it stable.

It has a 5-point base and a set of dual castors. This not just gives greater stability to the chair; it also makes it strong and easy to drag across the floor. A bonus set of hardwood rollers can make movements easier on a hardwood floor.

Nouhaus Ergo 3D chairs come with multiple features. The production quality, impressive warranty, and the low price is another added advantage of this model.

The brand is a well-established company that always takes grave priority when it comes to the priority of the users. Not every chair manufacturing models pay much attention when it comes to ergonomic 3D chairs.

But Nouhaus is the only one that always prioritizes the importance of the global buyer’s community. That’s why their backrest support is exclusively meant for those suffering from back-neck pain.

As a taller person, the upper headrest provided in it helps you to get maximum comfort while sitting comfortably and working.

8. Ergohuman Eurotech Mesh Chair

Ergohuman Eurotech Mesh Chair Review
  • Synchro-tilt mechanism.
  • Tilt tension and tilt lock systems.
  • Adjustable seat and arm sets for optimum comfort.
  • It can easily accommodate heavy guys.
  • Chrome/polypropylene base along with 5-star nylon casters

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This chair looks straight out of a sci-fi movie and is made of plastic, which makes it lighter than many other chairs. However, it incorporates a world of features and functionalities that make it one of the most desired chairs.

It has a breathable mesh cover on the seat as well as back that promotes air circulation and prevents sweating even if you are sitting for a long time. The lumbar support has a unique design that offers increased support to your lower back region.

It also has a headrest, which pushes your head forward and supports your neck. The lumbar support is not adjustable, but it offers the right kind of support when you sit on the chair with your back against the chair.

Even though you cannot adjust the lumbar support, you can certainly change your posture and dig deeper into the seat or lean forward, thereby effectively altering your lumbar support.

This is good from an ergonomic posture point of view. Also, you can change the height of the chair. So, you can effectively find out the most comfortable posture for you.

If you want to relax, just adjust the tilt tension, tilt the backrest, and lock it in the desired position. The tilt tension control lets you push the backrest while the tilt lock system helps you lock it at a certain angle.

Moreover, as you push the backrest behind the seat, move forward by a defined measure to place you in the most ergonomic posture. You can also change the height of the armrests and derive the most comfortable position to rest your hands.

This chair has a Chrome/polypropylene base and 5-star nylon casters, making it light and easy to move across the floor. Serta chairs help you feel the ultimate joy of sitting in the deeply layered body pillow added headrest while you’re busy working.

That’s no less than the comfort you feel sitting in business class international airways. The meticulously engineered pillow layers with added cushion at the back assist you in resting your head while working.

That quickly eaves back pain gives rest to your eyes and maintains a distance from the laptop/desktop. It’s effective to keep your eyes from gaining eyesight.

That’s not the only reason for you to choose Serta executive luxury chairs. The bonded back premium quality leather cushion is only used in private aircraft jets for making these seats.

Some brands might choose fiber instead of leather, but Serta prefers leather for uncompromised comfort while you’re sitting. So you see, quality is something they never negotiate with!

9. Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair

Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair Review
  • Adjustable back, tilt, and seat depth.
  • Fully adjustable arm sets.
  • Alloy steel frame and carpet casters.
  • Fabric upholstery for ideal comfort.
  • Top-quality carpet casters.

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This Embody chair from Herman Miller has been designed by a host of physicians and PhDs in the fields of vision, biomechanics, ergonomics, and physical therapy. It has set a new benchmark in the field of ergonomic seating.

The back of this chair is designed in such a way that it lets you position yourself in line with the natural curve of your spine. So, you can achieve a balanced posture with no stress on any part of your back.

The backrest can adapt itself to fit your movement and adjust automatically as you keep on shifting your position. It has a dynamic matrix of pixels that automatically conforms to the micro-movements of your body and distributes the weight evenly.

So, whether you are leaning forward or reclining, the chair continues to support you; this also encourages movement. Apart from this feature, this chair has a tilt limiting function for its backrest, which lets you tilt optimally.

Also, you can adjust the seat depth as well as height. This is very supportive for a range of postures since you may need to dig deeper for an upright posture and slide forward for a forward-leaning or reclining posture.

The arms of this chair are fully adjustable. So, you can rest your arms in whatever position you feel good. Moreover, it has a graphite base and frame, which make it light but robust. Along with carpet casters, this chair is light but stable and easy to drag across the floor.

The Herman Miller chairs are another smart addition to your buying list while you’re looking for ergonomic chairs. That’s because, while you’re focussed too much on your job, you might overlook your sitting posture, often overlooking that your brain needs oxygen to maintain a consecutive productivity rate from time to time.

But, Herman Miller never overlooks one such major factor. That’s why they always give maximum priority to the cushion. Before making it available for general buyers, they usually undertake a 300 pounds weight in a BIFMA test. That’s why the Herman Miller chairs always assure warranty coverage, irrespective of the weight of the users.

10. NOUHAUS +Posture Ergonomic PU Leather Executive Office Chair

NOUHAUS +Posture Ergonomic PU Leather Executive Office Chair Review
  • 5 stages of lumbar support
  • Smooth rocking sensation with TiltRock feature
  • Adjustable arm sets and seat
  • Robust base and nylon casters
  • It can easily accommodate big and tall people

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This is a gorgeous looking luxurious and big chair with a comfortable vibe. It offers 5-Stages of lumbar support. The company calls it Click5 as it clicks into place at each level and offers secure comfort.

So, it is stable and comfortable at each level. If you are craving a smooth rocking sensation, you can do that with the TiltRock feature. You can rock the chair when you feel like relaxing and listening to some music.

Even the armrests of the chair are adjustable. You can keep the armrests on, flip them up, or keep them somewhere in between, depending on your mood or requirement. If you are leaning back and need to lift up the armrests, you can do that.

While storing the chair, just lift up the armrests and tuck the chair under the table. The chairs are strong, curved, and padded, which offers a comfortable feeling.

It has a PU leather cover with a heavy-duty nylon base, which is reinforced with gussets and ribs. The chair has a large seat with a comfy and thick cushion. It is pretty comfortable to sit on.

Moreover, the front edge of the cushion is curved downwards. This is very helpful in helping blood flow to the lower extremities. If there is no downward curve, the edge may prevent blood flow to the legs and cause numbness and pain.

You can change the height of the seat from 18.7 inches to 22.4 inches with the help of a smooth, class-4 pneumatic lift. Also, it is easy to move across the floor because of the robust base and nylon casters.

Final Verdict

Apparently, there is no end to the list of the best office chairs for back support 2021. Yet, all these chairs don’t offer good back support. In fact, comprehensive back support is rare.

Most chairs do offer back support, but only if the user sits straight in the classical seating posture and does not move a bit. In reality, though, people do undergo smaller movements while sitting in a chair.

These may be termed micro-movements like slightly changing the position of the buttock, the neck, the hands, etc. The chair needs to support the back and the neck throughout these movements.

There are not many chairs that offer such comprehensive back support. However, the Herman Miller Embody chair is pretty close to having ideal back support.

The chair boasts of a biomechanically designed backrest and seat. Together, they ensure that the user achieves the best seating position and gets proper back support.

The backrest of this chair has been designed in such a way that it mimics the alignment of the spine. The seat’s inner edge is slightly curved downwards to make sure that the buttocks touch the base of the seat, and the curvature of the backrest properly supports the spine.

The portion of the backrest above the lumbar arch automatically adjusts to your seating position and posture. The design offers impeccable natural alignment and pressure distribution and thereby prevents the build-up of stress at any point.

Moreover, it automatically adjusts to slight shifts in posture. So, no matter if you are shifting your buttocks for a better feel or keeping your arms in a different position, the chair can automatically adjust its support with your posture and offer the best support. The backrest’s layered material also ensures that there is no build-up of sweat, even if you are sitting for a long time.

We did our best to list the top-of-the-line office chairs in all price ranges listed above. All the office chairs for the back support are epic with all the marvelous features at an affordable price range.

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